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  • Call On CRM integrates Sage ACT! with Enterprise class, hosted Voice-Over IP telephone service.  We work with many carriers to better serve your geographic location.  Visit our Carrier Partners page for more detailed information about the phone systems available for your business.
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    World class Telecomm Carrier support.
    We've chosen several carriers that can help your businesses communication system grow with your business. Read more

  • What is Call On CRM?

    Watch this quick video for a general introduction.

    Call On CRM Integrates the 2 most important aspects of your business.  Your phone system, and your act! contact management system. Watch the quick video to the right for a brief introduction to the features of Call On CRM.

  • Extend your act! application

    Call On CRM adds an easy to use toolbar and call history log into your act! database.

    Extend your contact layout to add "one-click" dialer buttons, one click and your phone dials your contact's phone number.  Increase your productivity and make more productive calling thoughout your business day.  Call On CRM makes the process of taking calls simpler.  You can create notes and histories about a call, get instant popup toast notifications with the calling contact's information.

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    Start using ACT! today!
    ACT! can make your entire business become more productive by helping to share contact interation data in real time with other co-workers.  Note, Histories, appointments and an interation history with each customer makes ACT! your central place to find all the information you need to help make your business more productive.  Adding Call on CRM enhances this even more by integrating your phone system with ACT! to make calling, taking calls, recording customer notes and interactions easier.

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  • Call On CRM is used across the globe by users in 57 different countries. Call On CRM is truly a global product with global reach!
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    World class Telecomm Carrier support.
    We've chosen several carriers that can help your businesses communication system grow with your business. Read more

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Call On CRM Information

Key Benefits:  

  • Help your business deliver better customer service with simplified call handling giving inbound call handlers easy access to Sage ACT! contact information and delivering screen pops of caller information.
  • Record more information about each interaction with your customers, improving the customers' experience resulting in repeat business and more sales.
  • Standards based VoIP solutions leverage your existing infrastructure to reduce your overall cost of ownership.
  • Make your business more competitive with a complete, fully integrated solution that reduces implementation costs and an accelerated Return On Investment
  • Future proofs your business with a software-based CRM communications solution that keeps pace with your changing business requirements by simply updating your system software. 

Top 10 Call On CRM Features

  • Click to Dial
  • Call Histories
  • Screen Pops
  • Call Logging
  • Call Control features
  • Digital Voicemail
  • Call Recording
  • Team Collaboration
  • SmartNumber capable
  • One-Click Layout buttons

Screenshots and Feature details

Call On CRM adds several "touchpoints" in Sage ACT! to help place and receive calls directly. You can modify your contact layout with One-click Dialer buttons. We also add a new "Call log" tab to help you keep track of your calls.

Click here to see more sceenshots and features of Call on CRM

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