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ACT! & Broadsoft

ACT! with our hosted Enterprise class VoIP carriers


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A revolutionary, simple to use application, integrating enterprise class digital telephone service with your Sage ACT! contact database.  Once you've used Call On CRM you won't want to manage your contact database again without it.



Get Instant pop-up notifications when someone calls, matched to the ACT! contact. Answer the call even if you don't have ACT! on your screen, or answer from within the ACT! application.

Use the Sage ACT! Layout designer to customize your contacts.

Place and associate dial buttons anywhere you want on your contact layout and just click to dial the associated number.

One click to dial and your connected.



Get detailed call logs for the entire Sage ACT! database.

Review your incoming, outgoing and missed calls to a single contact, right from your Sage ACT! contact layout.

Customize the call logs with your own colors, fonts, or background wallpapers, it's your choice.


Call On CRM Features

  Control your desktop VoIP telephone directly from within your Sage ACT! application.
  Complete Call Control features; Hang-up, Answer, Hold, Transfer, Conference, Send to Voicemail.
  The Call On CRM toolbar installs quickly and cleanly into the Sage ACT! interface.
  Record ACT! histories and browse to the Sage ACT! contact who is calling while they are on the line.


  Save Time - Why create or browse to a contact that is calling?  Why create an Sage ACT! history manually? Let Call On CRM do it for you.
  Work Efficiently - Don't dial your phone manually, trying to remember phone numbers in your head. Do it from within Sage ACT! using the fully integrated Call On CRM toolbar, as you change the active contact, the toolbar automatically displays all your contact's phone numbers.
  Make more calls - Dial your contacts faster with no more wrong numbers, you can call more contacts per day with Call On CRM
         Get new business insight - By logging all calls coming in and out of your business you can track how much time your employees spend with each customer and make your business more profitable.

     Register today and get started with a Free 30 day trial

After your trial you can use purchase licensing credits to keep enjoying the benefits of Call On CRM 

Prices start as low as 9.95 per seat / per month.

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