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Call On CRM Information

Call On CRM - Features and Benefits

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Call On CRM is our award winning, feature rich CRM & telephony integration product.

Call On CRM transforms ACT! by Sage into a fully featured communication system enabling you and your employees to operate at a new level of productivity. Not just for Call Centers or high call volume offices, Call On CRM can help the one man or small remote office.

We integrate with several different phone system platforms, one of which will surely meet or exceed your expectations.

Save time & Gain productivity

  • Save Time - Why create or browse to a contact that is calling? Why create an ACT! history manually? Let Call On CRM do it for you.
  • Work Efficiently - Don't dial your phone manually, trying to remember phone numbers in your head. Do it from within ACT! using the fully integrated Call On CRM toolbar, as you change the active contact, the toolbar automatically displays all your contact's phone numbers.
  • Make more calls - Dial your contacts faster with no more wrong numbers, you can call more contacts per day with Call On CRM
  • Get new business insight - By logging all calls coming in and out of your business you can track how much time your employees spend with each customer and make your business more profitable.

Easy control of your phone

  • Control your desktop VoIP telephone directly from within your ACT! application.
  • Complete Call Control features; Hang-up, Answer, Hold, Transfer, Conference, Send to Voicemail.
  • The Call On CRM toolbar installs quickly and cleanly into the ACT! interface.
  • Record ACT! histories and browse to the ACT! contact who is calling while they are on the line.

Embedded Call Log makes reviewing call histories easier

 Log all incoming and outgoing calls

  • Get detailed call logs for the entire ACT! database.
  • Review your incoming, outgoing and missed calls to a single contact or all your contacts, right from your ACT! contact database.
  • Call On CRM tracks incoming, outgoing, missed and attempted calls and shows you which phone numbers you called.

Modify your act! contact layout for One-Click dialing

Image example
One-click to dial
  • Use the ACT! Layout designer to customize your contact view.
  • Place dial buttons anywhere on your contact layout and just click to dial the number.
  • One click to dial and your connected.

Built-in Dialpad

Dialpad Screenshot
Built-in Dialpad
  • Call On CRM has a built-in dialpad you can use to place calls
  • Allows you to send tones over an open phone line to "press 1", press 2", etc.*
  • Dial phone numbers by their alphabetic representation without needing a "real phone" as a reference.


Popup Toast call notifications

  • Get Instant pop-up notifications when someone calls, matched to the ACT! contact.
  • Answer the call even if you don't have ACT! on your screen, or answer from within ACT!
  • Not available? Click the Voicemail icon to send the call directly to your voicemail

Seamless Call Recording

  • Call On CRM for Skype integrates with CallBurner Call recording software allowing you to record calls with Skype!
  • Record calls and store the recordings in your ACT! database as call histories, making it easy to review past conversations.
Click here to download CallBurner now

Bring Skype functionality into Sage ACT!

  • View contact's Skype presence directly from your ACT! contact layout.
  • Interact with your contacts with Skype Peer to Peer features including Skype to Skype calls, file transfers, chats and more.
  • View an ACT! contact's Skype profile directly from ACT!

Send Text messages to your customers with Call On CRM

  • Call On CRM can send text messages (SMS) directly to your customer's mobile phone directly from ACT!
  • SMS Message templates let you setup predefined message templates, including the ability to merge ACT! fields into the message content
  • Works with several SMS Gateway providers for added service flexibility
  • Automatically create ACT! histories from the SMS messages you send to customers
*Feature available in specific versions

Collaborate with other team members from Sage ACT!

Call log Screenshot
Interact with Team Members

 Log all incoming and outgoing calls

  • View teams member's presence & availablility status directly from ACT!
  • Interact with other team members without having to leave ACT!
  • Increase employee productivity by enabling this functionality within ACT!.

Call On CRM will enhance your productivity from Day 1!    Get started today with a risk free trial.

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